Product introduction

Semisand's long-term vision is to help build an effective zero-knowledge proof (ZKP) infrastructure to empower more ZKP related application.

ZKP processor chip integrating high-performance CPU and accelerator array

Provide a SDK for the most commonly used ZKP algorithms. Base on the ZKP processor chip, user can program with server-level CPU and accelerators (NTT, MSM, etc). It not only realizes the processing capability equivalent to ASIC, but also takes high performance and programmability into account.

ZKP computing server

Built-in multiple ZKP processor chips, providing standard 1U, 3U and other computing power servers. The servers are programmable and the application can be updated online.

ZKP accelerator card with high computing power

The high computing power acceleration card integrates the PCIe or Ethnet interface. So that the PCs and laptops can program with the accelerator.

ZKP status in industry

ZKP demand is growing rapidly

Projects using ZKP are emerging: ZK Rollup, Zkvm/Zkevm, etc.
Privacy transaction/smart contracts.
Other web3 infrastructure combined with ZKP.

Real TPS has been limited by the computing power

GPU improves the computing efficiency by orders of magnitude than CPU.
But even so, the efficiency is far lower than the requirements.

Why choose us?

Semisand's team members have the strong background of designing HPC chip of high computing power and high memory bandwidth. The designed chips are server class level and applied to several cutting edge project.

HPC Chip R&D

The chip R&D team is experienced in developing High-Performance Computing (HPC) chips.

Since 2018, successfully participated in several HPC chip R&D projects.


Optimize new ZKP algorithm since 2018.

Profound experience in the field of hardware acceleration.

Leading ZKP Engineering

Our optimize solutions continuously applied in multiple projects (Filecoin, Aleo, etc).

Industry's top efficiency of GPU/FPGA based GROTH16, Marlin, etc.

What we can provide?

We're a company focused on selling software, hardware, and completely customized technical solutions to fulfill all your needs.

We are able to provide you with top-class technical consulting services, system maintenance and software upgrades according to your requirements.

About Us

With deep experiences in ZKP algorithm research and engineering, we are one of the few teams that can develop new ZKP algorithms and perform in-depth ZKP algorithm optimizations. So far, we have already launched a variety of algorithm optimizing and accelerating solutions for GPU, FPGA etc. which have been adopted by projects including Filecoin, Mina, Aleo etc.


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